FM 2007 Cheats Page


Real Players

Remove the 'fake.lnc' file from the '/sports interactive/football manager 2007/data/db/700/lnc' folder. Start a new game and players that did not appear due to licensing limitations in the normal game will now be present.

Easy Win

To guarantee a victory for your team, before your match starts add another user as the manager and use any name. When you choose the team put a striker in goal or play the worse players and then play the match and you should win 6-0+. Then after the game retire as manager and continue your game.

Add yourself as the manager of a team you are about to play. Then select the quick tactics section and then for your opponent's team put every player into attack and finally put an arrow from the goalkeeper to the striker. If this is done right you should win easily.

Fix National Teams

Due to licensing some National Teams don't have proper players.
(e.g.: Holland and Germany). To fix of this go to the following folder:

"C:/Program Files/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2007/data/db/700/lnc"

Copy the "fake.lnc" file and place it in a safe place as backup.
Delete the original "fake.lnc" file, then start a new game.

All this file does it put a "mask" on the national teams effected
and once you remove it it gets rid of the mask.