FM 2007 Players Page


You all know who the best players are, you got your Kaka, Gerrard, Lampard, Adriano, Shevchenko etc. So, I am focusing my attention on youth players that become stars:

Name: Daniel Sturridge

Position: ST

Club: Manchester City

Description: Can be picked up for cheap at the start of the game and turns into a wonderkid after about 4 or 5 seasons. I bought him for Newcastle for £10.75m and he is amazing!

Name: Alberto Bueno

Position: AMC/FC

Club: Real Mardid

Description: He can be found in the Madrid B/C team and takes a few seasons to become good but is definitely worth it without a doubt and will produce game after game!

Names: Sergio Jerez, Bojan and Jorge Quintana

Position: D/WB/AML, ST, ST

Club: All Barcelona

Description: All three of these can be found in the Barcelona B/C team and all have become first team players in my current game with Barcelona. All have alot of interest from other players, but my advice buy them and hold onto them with your life!

Name: Jeroen de Goeij

Position: GK

Club: FC Twente

Description: A very good youth keeper and can be bought for less than 5k and is such a bargain and becomes one of the best keepers in the game with the right training and teaching!