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Barca Tactic

This tactic has only been tested with Barcelona but 2 league wins and 8 cup wins speak for themselves. You need to good attacking midfielders I used Ronaldinho and Cristiano Ronaldo and had Kaka as a backup, not! This would work with any top team from any country. Give it a whirl and keep me posted:

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4-4-2 Wing Play

So far, I have not tested this tactic but from how it has been designed you will need two wingers with good crossing and dribbling skills to get the most out of the tactic and also the strikers will need good heading and jumping marks. Again keep me posted on any updates:

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Attacking Tactic

I have used this tactic with Newcastle United and finished 4th two seasons in a row and was then offered the Barcelona job and achieved what's said above!

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