FM 2008 Tactics Page


Dutch Tactic

This tactic has been tested in the Dutch Premier Division and the FA Premier League both with success in my opinion. I took Bolton from relegation candidates to UEFA Cup qualifiers in my first season and then moved on to the Dutch league with FC Groningen and also led them to UEFA Cup football and 6th in the league which is very good indeed. Try if you please let me know how it goes.  

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4-4-2 Diamond

This tactic has been used in the Premier League with Newcastle United, I finished 6th in my first season. You need to have two wingers with pace and crossing ability and also two strikers with high jumping, heading and finishing attributes. Try and let me know how it goes.

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3-5-2 Narrow

This tactic has been tested in leagues throughout Europe and needs an excellent AMC with good shooting, dribbling, acceleration and finishing attributes, if you can spend big on a new player trust me its worth it. The play is narrow and through the middle and uses a target man for any long balls forward from free kicks and corners.

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